"Esta es mi tierra." 

California Territory, 1850 : a young Ramona does not know who she is or where she came from - she only knows that the Señora Moreno raises her, grudgingly, as the only daughter of a wealthy family determined to live by rigid rules and customs. Ramona's story of loss, love, and self-discovery is set against the background of a crumbling California landscape - the development of Native American reservations, battles of family deeds and land grants, and the ceding of California to the United States - history carries us through Ramona’s desperate journey in search of family, home, and belonging.

Ramona is a brand new take on a beloved California classic,

with book, lyrics, and music by K. Hernandez Friend,

music & lyrics by Jaime Lozano and Jessy Tomsko,

and additional music by Michael Meketa, Andres Maldonado, & Duane Minard

 Photos from the 2019 Furnace Festival workshop production of Ramona in New York City. 

Special Thanks To:

Alyssa Lopez of Pelo Ondulado Productions for her work on production development.

Mireya Ramos for her consulting work on music for the production. 

Anitra Bishop for her consulting work as a California historian.  

Mark Araujo-Levinson for his consulting work on Native American languages for the production. 

Jessica Wu for her dramaturgical work on the production. 

Take a listen to some of the demo tracks here: 


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